Brighten Eyes

Brighten Eyes

Poem সাহিত্য

Brighten Eyes

Surajit Paul

Candles you burnt, in body,
Creates fire,to be heart alive.
Stormy breeze, blown in life!
Waves broken into pieces, infront of my courtyard side,
It’s twinkle with colour, garden of my heart alive.
Thy wash out barrier of mountain obstacles quite,
Blooming fills, spring flowers groom, garden wide,
Drankeen bee’s flies, with rhythm of hide.
Thy achieve the target of life,
Getting with, touch of light.
Dream floats , rhythmic style
Swing on,in gentle breeze.
Sleepless nights, pass away around,
Eyes tired with joyous brown.
Fetch us together, for small likings,
Find at last, heart throb of new shine.
Darkness of evening, does not fear me out!
Warships with brighten eyes,
Makes us fearless and dearness of together’s life !.

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Poet : Surajit Paul
Address: 83, Nazrul Sarani,

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